Philips HC5630 Series 5000 Hair Trimmer with 28 Length Settings, 3 Comb Attachments and Turbo Mode

The Philips HC5630 Series 5000 Hair Trimmer is a versatile grooming tool offering precision and convenience. Its special comb design prevents clogging for even results, while the zoom wheel allows selection from 28 cutting lengths. With Turbo mode, corded or cordless operation, and up to 90 minutes of battery life, this trimmer provides efficient grooming. It’s also completely washable for easy cleaning and includes multiple attachments and accessories for a comprehensive grooming experience.

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Elevate your grooming routine with the Philips HC5630 Series 5000 Hair Trimmer, a versatile and efficient tool designed to provide precision and convenience in hair and beard styling. This hair trimmer is meticulously crafted with innovative features to ensure effortless and tailored grooming experiences.

Featuring a special comb design, this trimmer prevents cut hair from clogging the comb, allowing for even results in a single pass. Equipped with a zoom wheel, you can effortlessly select from 28 cutting lengths ranging from 0.5 to 28 mm, catering to a wide range of hair styles and preferences with ease and accuracy.

Experience maximum performance and flexibility with the Turbo mode, ensuring powerful cutting for thick or dense hair. This trimmer offers the convenience of both corded and cordless use, providing up to 90 minutes of battery life for extended grooming sessions without compromising on performance.

Cleaning after use is a breeze, as this trimmer is completely washable, allowing for quick and easy cleaning under running water, ensuring hygiene and maintenance are hassle-free. The package includes the hair trimmer, two hair comb attachments, one beard comb attachment, a travel/storage bag for portability, a cleaning brush, and a charging cable, ensuring you have everything you need for a seamless grooming experience.

  • Special comb design prevents cut hair from clogging the comb, ensuring even results in one pass.
  • Features a zoom wheel with 28 cutting lengths (0.5 to 28 mm) for versatile hair styling options.
  • Turbo mode ensures maximum performance, especially for thicker or denser hair types.
  • Can be used with or without a cable, providing up to 90 minutes of battery life for extended grooming sessions.
  • Effortless cleaning as the trimmer is completely washable under running water.
  • Package includes hair trimmer, 2 hair comb attachments, 1 beard comb attachment, travel/storage bag, cleaning brush, and charging cable for convenience.

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Product Details

Weight 0.325 kg
Dimensions 22.7 × 7 × 19.3 cm


Model No

HC 5630


Gray & Black

Power source

Battery Powered

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