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The Braun PT5010 Precision Trimmer is a cordless grooming tool designed by Braun, known for its excellence in grooming technology. With a battery life of 120 minutes, this lightweight trimmer (140 grams/0.308647166800 pounds) offers portability and convenience. Categorized under electric shavers, it embodies Braun’s trademark quality, providing precise grooming for facial hair, edges, and sensitive areas with ease and accuracy.

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The Ultimate Guide to Braun Trimmers

Braun Trimmers have become a go-to choice for those seeking precision, durability, and versatility in the grooming world. Whether sculpting your beard, taming unruly hair, or refining your overall look, Braun Trimmers offers cutting-edge technology to meet your needs.

The Braun PT5010 Precision Trimmer is a precision grooming tool designed to redefine your grooming experience. Manufactured by Braun, renowned for its quality and innovation in grooming technology, this trimmer epitomizes precision and efficiency.

Crafted with expertise, this cordless trimmer offers unparalleled convenience, allowing for precision trimming anytime and anywhere. Powered by batteries, it ensures reliable performance with a battery life of up to 120 minutes. Its lightweight construction, weighing merely 140 grams (0.308647166800 pounds), makes it portable and easy to handle.

As an item categorized under electric shavers, the Braun PT5010 Precision Trimmer boasts the trademark Braun quality, guaranteeing high performance and durability. Ideal for trimming facial hair, creating sharp edges, or tidying up sensitive areas, this trimmer offers accuracy and control, providing a smooth grooming experience.

  • Precision trimmer by Braun, a renowned manufacturer in grooming technology
  • Cordless design for convenient and flexible grooming sessions
  • Battery-powered with a remarkable 120 minutes of battery life
  • Lightweight and portable, weighing only 140 grams (0.308647166800 pounds)
  • Categorized under electric shavers, carrying the trademark Braun quality
  • Ideal for facial hair trimming, defining edges, and grooming sensitive areas with precision

Introducing Braun Beard Trimmers

When it comes to grooming facial hair, Braun Beard Trimmers stand out for their exceptional performance and reliability. These trimmers are designed to cater to every man’s grooming needs, from a simple stubble to a perfectly sculpted beard. Braun Beard Trimmers ensure a comfortable and precise trimming experience with precision-engineered blades and ergonomic designs.

Braun Beard Trimmer Combs: Enhancing Versatility

One of the standout features of Braun Beard Trimmers is their range of combs, which allow for customizable grooming experiences. Whether you prefer a short stubble or a longer beard, Braun’s assortment of combs ensures you can achieve your desired look quickly and precisely. From trimming to shaping, these combs are designed to deliver consistent results consistently.

Braun Beard and Hair Trimmer: A Multifunctional Grooming Solution

For those who want a single tool to address all their grooming needs, the Braun Beard and Hair Trimmer is the perfect choice. This versatile device not only helps you maintain your facial hair but also allows you to trim and style your hair with precision. The Braun Beard and Hair Trimmer offer unmatched convenience and performance with adjustable settings and interchangeable heads.

Precision Redefined: Braun Precision Trimmer

When it comes to achieving precise grooming results, the Braun Precision Trimmer sets the standard. Equipped with advanced cutting technology and ergonomic design, this trimmer allows you to sculpt your beard and refine your look with unparalleled accuracy. Whether trimming stray hairs or shaping intricate details, the Braun Precision Trimmer delivers exceptional results with every use.

Mastering the Art of Grooming with Braun Precision Trimmer PT5010

Among Braun’s impressive lineup of precision grooming tools, the Braun Precision Trimmer PT5010 stands out for its reliability and performance. Engineered to deliver precise results, this trimmer is equipped with ultra-sharp blades and adjustable settings to suit your grooming preferences. Whether maintaining a beard or sculpting your facial hair, the Braun Precision Trimmer PT5010 ensures a professional-quality finish every time.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Grooming Routine with Braun Trimmers

In conclusion, Braun Trimmers offer unmatched precision, versatility, and reliability for all your grooming needs. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your grooming journey, Braun has a trimmer to suit your style and preferences. With innovative features such as precision blades, adjustable combs, and ergonomic designs, Braun Trimmers empower you to achieve your desired look confidently and quickly. Upgrade your grooming routine with Braun Trimmers and experience the difference for yourself.

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Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 5 cm


Model No




Power source

Battery Powered

battery life

120 minutes

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