Brother Sewing Machine 17 Stitches LED Sewing Light JK17B

The Brother JK17B Sewing Machine offers 17 built-in stitches and a 4-step buttonhole feature. Its automatic needle threader and quick-set bobbin system ensure convenient setup, while included accessories and an instructional DVD assist users in their sewing endeavors. With a versatile free arm and easy stitch selector, this machine caters to sewers of all levels.

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Exploring the World of Sewing Machines

The sewing machine is an indispensable tool in crafting and garment creation, revolutionizing how fabrics are joined and stitched together. Finding the perfect sewing machine can elevate your projects, whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or a novice enthusiast. Let’s delve into the intricacies of sewing machines, from traditional models to the latest innovations.

The Brother JK17B Sewing Machine is an essential tool for sewing enthusiasts, offering versatility and functionality. Crafted with durable plastic and metal materials, this off-white sewing machine delivers reliability and longevity.

Equipped with 17 built-in stitches and a 4-step buttonhole sewing feature, the JK17B caters to various sewing needs. Its automatic needle threader simplifies the threading process by effortlessly guiding the thread through the needle, while the quick-set bobbin system ensures hassle-free bobbin setup, minimizing jamming issues.

The package includes various accessories, such as 4 sewing feet, 3 needles, 4 bobbins, an instructional DVD, and a comprehensive manual, providing users with everything needed to kick-start their sewing projects.

Designed with a versatile free arm, this sewing machine is ideal for a wide range of everyday sewing tasks, catering to beginners and advanced users alike. The easy stitch selector, operated by a simple dial, allows for effortless selection. Moreover, the pre-set stitch length and width eliminate the need for manual adjustments before sewing.

  • 17 built-in stitches with a 4-step buttonhole feature
  • Automatic needle threader and quick-set bobbin system
  • Complete set of accessories included: 4 sewing feet, 3 needles, 4 bobbins, instructional DVD, and manual
  • Versatile free arm suitable for various sewing projects
  • Easy stitch selector with pre-set stitch length and width for convenience

Understanding the Importance of Sewing Machines

sewing machine is more than just a device; it’s a gateway to creativity and precision in textile work. For decades, brands like Brother have been synonymous with reliability and quality in sewing machines. The demand for top-notch sewing machines is palpable in bustling hubs like Dubai, where craftsmanship meets modernity.

Exploring the Best Options

When selecting the best sewing machine, several factors come into play. From manual to electric models, the choices are abundant. Computerized sewing machines have gained popularity for their advanced features and ease of use, offering many stitching options at the touch of a button.

The Brother Advantage

Among the plethora of options available, Brother sewing machines shine brightly. Renowned for their durability and versatility, Brother sewing machines cater to a diverse range of users, from beginners to seasoned professionals. The Brother Light JK17B sewing machine is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and performance, offering precision stitching and user-friendly controls.

Choosing the Right Features

Understanding your needs is paramount whether you’re eyeing a basic model or a feature-rich powerhouse. Sewing machines with 17 stitches open possibilities, allowing you to experiment with various patterns and designs effortlessly. From basic straight stitches to intricate embroidery patterns, these machines empower you to bring your creative visions to life.


In conclusion, the world of sewing machines is vast and diverse, catering to the needs of every sewing enthusiast. Brands like Brother continue to lead the industry with their commitment to quality and innovation. Whether in Dubai or any corner of the globe, finding the best sewing machine for your needs is the first step towards unlocking your creative potential. So, dive into the world of stitching and crafting confidently, armed with the perfect sewing machine.

Product Details

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 35 cm


Model No


Specific uses

‎Mending, Sewing, Stitching, Tailoring

Care instructions

‎Special care is required when using the machine, Use this machine only for its intended use as described in the manual

Included components

Accessories, 1 x Brother JK17B Sewing Machine

Is assembly required



Plastic, Metal

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