Braun Silk Epil Trimmer Beauty Styler, Bikini Styler, Fg1100

The Braun Silk-épil Trimmer Beauty Styler, Bikini Styler (FG1100) in pink offers precision grooming for the bikini zone. Featuring an ultra-precision head for detailed styling and a slim bikini shaping head for precise lines and contours, it includes 5mm and 8mm trimming combs for uniform hair length. This battery-powered styler is a versatile tool for personal grooming needs.

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The Braun Silk-épil Trimmer Beauty Styler, Bikini Styler (FG1100) in a charming pink hue is a versatile grooming tool tailored for precision and care in the bikini zone. Engineered with ultra-precision, this styler offers detailed styling, ensuring precise and defined results in the delicate bikini area.

For shaping the bikini zone with accuracy, the slim bikini shaping head is specifically designed for shaving precise lines, creating shapes, or defining contours according to individual preferences. This head ensures a clean and smooth finish, allowing for personalized styling and grooming.

To achieve a uniformly trimmed bikini zone, this styler includes two trimming combs – 5mm and 8mm in length. These trimming combs are ideal for efficiently trimming hairs to a uniform length, providing a neat and tidy appearance to suit your desired look.

Please note that the package contents may vary, providing flexibility in the accessories or components included with the styler.

  • Ultra-precision head for detailed styling in the bikini zone.
  • Slim bikini shaping head designed for shaving precise lines, shapes, or contours.
  • Includes 2 trimming combs (5mm and 8mm) for achieving a uniform hair length.
  • Battery-powered for convenience and portability.
  • Package contents may vary, offering versatility in included accessories.

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Dimensions 4.6 × 17.8 × 7.2 cm


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Silver , Pink

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Battery Powered

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