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Wahl Professional | 5 Star Vanish Shaver for Professional Barbers and Stylists – 8173-700

The Wahl Professional 5 Star Vanish Shaver 8173-700 is designed for professional barbers and stylists. Featuring an innovative suspension system, independent pop-out foil bars, and micro-thin gold foils, it delivers precise, close shaves without irritation. With a premium lithium-ion battery, it offers over 100 minutes of run time and an ergonomic design for all-day comfort and control.

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Product Description

The Wahl Professional 5 Star Vanish Shaver, model 8173-700, is a premium grooming tool tailored for professional barbers and stylists seeking precision and comfort. Crafted by Wahl Professional, this shaver introduces cutting-edge features designed to ensure a superior shaving experience.

One of its notable innovations is the innovative suspension system, enabling the cutting bars to move independently. This unique system ensures the cutting bars snugly conform to every contour of the neck and facial areas, allowing for an incredibly close and precise shave, eliminating even the finest of hairs.

Featuring independent pop-out foil bars, the 5 Star Vanish Shaver offers an efficient maintenance solution. Barbers can replace single foils instead of entire shaver heads, saving both time and money without compromising on performance.

The shaver’s micro-thin gold foils deliver exceptional results, providing razor-close shaves without causing irritation or bumps. This feature ensures client-winning shaves and fades, meeting the high standards expected by professionals and their clients.

Powered by a premium lithium-ion battery, the 5 Star Vanish Shaver boasts an impressive 100+ minute run time on a single charge, providing barbers with the endurance needed for a typical workday without requiring a recharge.

Ergonomically designed for all-day use, this shaver features finger grips that provide enhanced control, ensuring barbers maintain precision and comfort through even the most intricate detailing.

  • Innovative suspension system for cutting bars independently conforming to facial contours for a precise shave.
  • Independent pop-out foil bars for efficient maintenance, allowing single foil replacement instead of entire shaver heads.
  • Micro-thin gold foils provide razor-close shaves without irritation or bumps, ensuring client-winning results.
  • Premium lithium-ion battery offers a 100+ minute run time for all-day use without requiring a recharge.
  • Ergonomic design with finger grips for enhanced control and comfort during prolonged use.

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Dimensions 23.6 × 16.1 × 7.9 cm


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Battery Powered

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