Afra Japan Electric Breakfast Toaster AF24700TOBL

The Afra Japan Electric Breakfast Toaster AF-24700TOBL is a versatile and efficient addition to your kitchen, featuring a sleek black design. With 4 toasting slots, 1600 Watts of power, and a range of convenient controls, this toaster is perfect for quick and even toasting. The matte black body is not only durable but also easy to clean, while additional features like defrost and reheat add to its functionality.


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Introducing the Afra Japan Electric Breakfast Toaster AF-24700TOBL, a reliable and stylish appliance designed to streamline your breakfast and snack preparations.

  • Versatile Electric Toaster: The toaster is suitable for all kitchen tops and surfaces, providing convenience and flexibility in placement.
  • 4 Toasting Slots: With four slots, this toaster is perfect for preparing breakfast toast or sandwiches for lunch, making it an ideal choice for households with varying preferences.
  • Powerful and Even Toasting: The 1600 Watts of power ensure that your bread comes out hot, evenly toasted, and ready to enjoy every time.
  • Matte Black Body: The toaster features a durable matte black body, not only adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen but also making it easy to clean.
  • Convenient Controls: Additional controls include defrost and reheat options, catering to different toasting needs and preferences.
  • Browning Control: Customize your toasting experience with 7 browning settings, allowing you to achieve the perfect level of crispiness for your toast.
  • Safety Features: The cancel button with a safety device ensures optimum safety, reducing the risk of burns and providing peace of mind during use.
  • Removable Crumb Tray: Cleaning up is a breeze with the removable crumb tray, making disposal of crumbs quick and easy.
  • Efficient 4-Slot Design: Prepare breakfast or snacks for the whole family with the toaster’s four toasting slots.
  • Powerful 1600 Watts: Enjoy quick and even toasting with the toaster’s high power consumption.
  • Matte Black Elegance: The matte black body not only adds durability but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.
  • Convenient Controls: Additional features such as defrost, reheat, and browning control provide versatility for various toasting preferences.
  • Safety and Ease of Use: The cancel button with a safety device ensures safety, and the removable crumb tray simplifies the cleaning process.

The Afra Japan Electric Breakfast Toaster AF-24700TOBL combines functionality with a sleek design, making it a valuable addition to your kitchen for convenient and efficient toasting.

Product Details

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 24 × 15.2 × 13.46 cm






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