Tefal Easy gliss Durilium Air glide Soleplate Steam Iron FV5715M0

The Tefal Easy Gliss Durilium Airglide Soleplate Steam Iron FV5715M0 in Blue and White offers exceptional ironing performance. With its Durilium Airglide soleplate and 2400 watts power, it ensures flawless glide and quick heat-up for efficient ironing. Featuring a steam boost of up to 190 g/minute and anti-drip protection, it tackles stubborn creases while maintaining spotless linen.

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Experience superior ironing performance with the Tefal Easy Gliss Durilium Airglide Soleplate Steam Iron FV5715M0 in Blue and White. This steam iron is designed to elevate your ironing experience with its exceptional features and functionality.

The Durilium Airglide soleplate redefines your ironing tasks, ensuring flawless glide over various fabrics. This enhanced soleplate not only provides impeccable glide but also enhances performance, making ironing faster and more efficient. With a quick start-up and 2400 watts of power, this iron offers rapid heat-up, saving you time and ensuring quicker ironing sessions.

Featuring outstanding steam power, this iron delivers a steam boost of up to 190 g/minute, effectively handling even the most stubborn creases. The anti-drip protection prevents linen staining, ensuring a spotless finish to keep you looking your best every day.

For precision ironing, the precision tip allows easy access to hard-to-reach areas like collars and seams. The automatic steam feature guarantees perfect results with convenience, while the XL water tank filling hole facilitates effortless refills, ensuring uninterrupted ironing sessions.

Built to last, this iron boasts extreme durability and high scratch resistance, promising a long lifespan. The versatile vertical steaming function enables easy handling of delicate and larger garments, suits, and curtains. Additionally, the anti-calc system ensures smooth iron operation, offering effortless maintenance for prolonged usage.

  • Durilium Airglide soleplate ensures flawless glide and enhanced performance.
  • 2400 watts of power ensures quick start-up and rapid heat-up for efficient ironing.
  • Steam boost of up to 190 g/minute tackles even the toughest creases.
  • Anti-drip protection maintains spotless linen for a polished appearance.
  • Precision tip for convenient access to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Automatic steam feature guarantees perfect results effortlessly.
  • XL water tank filling hole enables convenient refills for uninterrupted ironing.
  • Extreme durability and high scratch resistance ensure a long-lasting iron.
  • Versatile vertical steaming function for delicate and larger garments, suits, and curtains.
  • Anti-calc system ensures smooth iron operation and effortless maintenance.

Tefal Easy Gliss Durilium Air Glide Steam Iron – A Pinnacle in Ironing Technology

In the realm of efficient and advanced ironing solutions, the Tefal Easy Gliss Durilium Air Glide Steam Iron stands out as a beacon of innovation

Unleashing the Power of Steam Irons

In the pursuit of wrinkle-free perfection, a reliable steam iron is a game-changer. The Tefal Easy Gliss, equipped with cutting-edge technology, goes beyond ordinary ironing, providing a seamless glide and powerful steam performance.

The Pinnacle of Steam Iron Excellence

Crafted with precision, the Tefal steam iron is a testament to quality and efficiency. Its innovative Durilium Air Glide Soleplate ensures effortless ironing, leaving your clothes impeccably smooth.

Choosing the Best Steam Iron for Clothes: A Comprehensive Guide

Decoding the Art of Ironing with the Best Steam Iron

Investing in the right steam iron can transform your ironing routine. For those in search of perfection, the Tefal Easy Gliss Durilium Air Glide Steam Iron emerges as the top choice, combining power, precision, and durability.

The Allure of Tefal Steam Irons

Tefal, a renowned name in the industry, has consistently delivered top-notch appliances. The Tefal steam iron, with its 2400 Watts of power, stands tall as a reliable companion for anyone looking to achieve flawlessly pressed clothes.

Navigating the World of Steam Irons in UAE

In the UAE, where quality and performance matter, the Tefal Easy Gliss steam iron has gained a reputation for being the go-to solution. Its advanced features make it a preferred choice for those who demand the best.

Exploring the Realm of Ironing Excellence

Beyond Ordinary Ironing: Tefal Steam Iron and Steam Press Iron

For those who seek perfection in every crease, the Tefal Easy Gliss steam iron goes hand in hand with the concept of excellence. Additionally, Tefal’s steam press iron further elevates the ironing experience, providing a professional touch to your garments.

Mastering the Craft with Clothes Steamer and Garment Steamer

Dive into the world of garment care with Tefal’s expertise. The Tefal Easy Gliss isn’t just a steam iron; it’s a versatile solution that transcends into the realm of clothes steamers and garment steamers, ensuring a comprehensive approach to fabric care.

In conclusion, the Tefal Easy Gliss Durilium Air Glide Steam Iron is not just a household appliance; it’s a statement of efficiency and precision. Embrace the future of ironing with Tefal and witness the transformation of your clothes into perfectly pressed masterpieces.


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Weight 1.57 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 15 cm


Model No



Blue & White

Power / Wattage

2400 watts



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