Best-selling PHILIPS Steam iron 3000 Series DST3011/26

The PHILIPS 3000 Series Steam Iron DST3011/26 is a powerful and efficient iron designed to make your ironing tasks a breeze. With its advanced features and sleek design, it offers a seamless ironing experience.

  • Fast and efficient ironing
  • Powerful steam output
  • Precision tip for easy ironing
  • Durable and reliable
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Product Description

Finding the Best Steam Iron: Your Guide to Philips Steam Irons

In garment care, few appliances are as indispensable as a high-quality steam press. Whether you’re a professional tailor or someone who wants to keep their clothes looking crisp and fresh, investing in a reliable steam press is necessary. Among the many options available in the market, Philips stands out as synonymous with innovation and quality. Let’s delve into the world of Philips steam press and discover why they’re among the best choices for your garment care needs.

The PHILIPS 3000 Series Steam Iron, model DST3011/26, is a powerful and feature-rich iron designed to take the hassle out of your ironing tasks, ensuring your clothes look their best with minimal effort. This steam press combines performance, precision, and user-friendly features to provide an efficient and convenient ironing experience.

Key Features:

  1. 2100W Motor: The DST3011/26 boasts a robust 2100-watt motor that heats up quickly, allowing you to start ironing in no time. The high wattage ensures the iron reaches and maintains the desired temperature for efficient wrinkle removal.
  2. Continuous Steam Output: With a continuous steam output of 30 grams per minute, this iron delivers a steady and consistent steam flow to relax and ease wrinkles. It’s perfect for everyday ironing tasks.
  3. Steam Boost Function: The iron offers a powerful 140-gram steam boost for stubborn wrinkles and thick fabrics. This extra burst of steam easily tackles wrinkles and ensures a professional finish.
  4. Vertical Steam: The vertical steam feature lets you use the iron to refresh hanging garments, curtains, and upholstery. It’s a convenient way to keep your fabrics looking their best without needing an ironing board.
  5. Ceramic Soleplate: The ceramic soleplate provides excellent glide and heat distribution, preventing fabric damage and ensuring smooth ironing.
  6. Drip-Stop System: The iron has a drip-stop system to prevent water droplets from staining your clothes during ironing, ensuring a clean and professional result.
  7. Calc-Clean Function: The built-in calc-clean function helps prevent calcium buildup, enhancing the longevity and consistent performance of the iron.
  8. Easy-to-Use Controls: The DST3011/26 features intuitive controls for adjusting the steam and temperature settings, allowing you to customize your ironing experience for different fabric types.
  9. Water Tank: The water tank has a generous capacity, minimizing the need for frequent refills during extended ironing sessions. The transparent design makes it easy to monitor the water level.
  10. Safe Storage: The iron is designed with a safe storage feature, allowing you to lock it in place for easy and secure storage after use.
  11. Sleek Design: The iron’s blue finish and modern design make it an attractive addition to your laundry area and blend well with various room aesthetics.

Understanding the Importance of a Steam Iron

Before we delve into the specifics of Philips steam press, let’s discuss why steam press are preferred over traditional dry irons. Steam irons utilize water to produce steam, which aids in the removal of wrinkles and creases from fabrics more effectively than dry heat alone. This steam penetrates the fabric’s fibers, relaxing them and making it easier to achieve a smooth, wrinkle-free finish. Steam press are versatile tools for various fabrics, from delicate silk to sturdy denim.

Exploring the Philips Steam Iron Range

  1. Philips 3000 Series Steam Iron DST3011/26:
    • Power: 2100W
    • Steam Boost: 140g
    • Continuous Steam: 30g/min
    • Color: Blue
    • Version: UAE Version
  1. Philips’ 3000 series steam iron is engineered to deliver outstanding performance with its powerful 2100W heating element. With a steam boost of 140g and continuous steam output of 30g/min, this iron effortlessly tackles stubborn wrinkles, leaving your clothes impeccably smooth. The sleek blue design adds a touch of elegance to your ironing routine, while the UAE version ensures compatibility and optimal performance in the region.

Finding the Best Deals on Philips Steam Irons

When it comes to purchasing a Philips steam iron, savvy shoppers are always on the lookout for the best deals. In Dubai, where quality and value go hand in hand, finding a steam iron that meets your needs without breaking the bank is easier than ever. With Philips’ commitment to innovation and durability, investing in one of their steam irons is a decision you won’t regret.


In conclusion, Philips steam irons offer perfect performance, reliability, and value. Whether ironing delicate garments or tackling a mountain of laundry, Philips has a steam iron to suit your needs. With powerful steam output, ergonomic design, and durable construction, Philips steam irons are essential to any household or professional garment care arsenal. So why wait? Experience the difference for yourself and elevate your ironing game with Philips today!

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Weight 1.36 kg
Dimensions 29 × 12.1 × 0.1 cm



240 Volts



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