Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner Maroon CV-W1600

The Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner Maroon CV-W1600 combines powerful suction with advanced filtration for thorough cleaning of carpets. Its 7-stage filtration system and cloth filter efficiently capture dust, while the 5-liter dust capacity and indicator ensure uninterrupted cleaning sessions.

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The Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner Maroon CV-W1600 is an advanced cleaning solution designed to meet your household needs efficiently. With its powerful 7-stage filtration system and cloth filter, it ensures thorough cleaning by capturing even the finest dust particles from your carpets. The vacuum cleaner boasts a sizable 5-liter dust capacity with a convenient dust indicator, allowing you to clean for longer durations without frequent emptying.

Equipped with a plastic pipe and tool storage space, this vacuum cleaner offers versatility and convenience in accessing various cleaning attachments. Its blower function adds to its utility, enabling you to blow away debris from hard-to-reach corners or outdoor spaces.

Featuring automatic cord rewind and variable power settings, this vacuum cleaner offers ease of use and customization according to different cleaning requirements. Whether you’re dealing with light dusting or deep cleaning carpets, the Hitachi CV-W1600 provides the flexibility and power needed to achieve pristine results every time.

  • Powerful 7-stage filtration system for thorough cleaning
  • 5-liter dust capacity with indicator for extended cleaning sessions
  • Cloth filter for capturing fine dust particles
  • Plastic pipe and tool storage space for easy access to attachments
  • Blower function for cleaning hard-to-reach areas
  • Automatic cord rewind for hassle-free storage
  • Variable power settings for customized cleaning
  • Ideal for carpets and various surfaces in your home

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 50.19 × 33.2 × 27.41 cm






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